It’s Easy Being Green with Vogue 8379

It’s the dress every other sewing enthusiast has already made:  Vogue 8379 wrap front dress.  I had to buy the pattern after all the rave reviews, especially The Selfish Seamstress’, but it took ages to actually make one.  Again, I wasn’t sure this would suit me.  The people I think especially rock this dress have fuller figures than mine.

Vogue 8379

Vogue 8379

It is a VERY comfortable dress.

* as mentioned, this dress is SUPER comfortable
* hardly any pattern modifications required
* the wind can blow but the skirt wraps enough that modesty is preserved

*  while sewing it, I loved the soft pleats in the bodice which I thought added interest. Now I think they just add weird bunching in places I don’t want bunching. Boo.
* the front hemline drops a little at the tie, and that really bugs me. You can see it in the above picture. I am SO CAREFUL to tie the wrap well, but the skirt still sags…
* I don’t absolutely love how the tie crosses over itself at the back. I probably prefer a single layer of tie.


Sewing Modifications:
* I took 20 INCHES out of the fullness of the skirt, and I don’t think it is lacking for that. It makes the dress a lot cheaper.

* I added 1.5cm in length to the bodice length. Other reviewers mentioned it being a bit short in the bodice. Mine sits perfectly at my waist.
* I shortened the sleeves and left the sleeve band off. I had planned to sew it, but there was just SO MUCH GREEN!

Now I have a confession. One reason it has taken SO LONG for me to do this post is because I had some photo issues.  Here is one of the original photos.  I was wearing the dress to a school band concert.  I DO like the dress with boots for me.
Check OUT the funky shadow behind me on the wall. It’s like I am only masquerading as a woman but I am really a gargoyle!



I like it; I do. But I am not sold on the pleats. I might try another version without them.

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