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Dressing for Maxi-mum Effect- Mc Call’s 6744

Sorry for the long delay in posts.  I went on holiday, and took some new holiday clothes with me!  Check out McCall’s 6744.

McCalls 6744

This is another maxi dress pattern which I purchased after loving other people’s versions.  MzChoize, for one.  I LOVELOVELOVE the fabric she used, and she looks fabulous in her version.  And, of course, Mimi G.  Again, I wasn’t sure this dress would suit a less-curvy body like mine, but I love it, I love wearing it, and I feel good in it.  What an excellent pattern, where it can suit someone as lusciously hourglass as MzChoize as well as less shapely types, like myself.

might want to give serious thought to your choice of underwear!

Might want to give serious thought to your choice of underwear!

Something I thought I’d better mention.  The leg slit for this pattern is high. It really is a wonderful beach-style dress, where the wind can blow the skirt open and reveal a tantalizing glimpse of your swimming costume.  If you plan to wear this as casualwear, I would probably suggest tacking the skirt somehow to limit the reveal.  Or, you can do as I do and just wear your sexiest underwear ho ho ho.

McCalls 6744 comes with three variations.  I bought the pattern for Version C as shown on the pattern cover which has the elasticised shoulders.  I love this feature, and I love having a summer dress which can protect my shoulders from sunburn!  That said, I will very likely sew one of the other sleeveless versions in the future, too. And I would really like to try a woven version, too…

ITY jersey knit

ITY jersey knit

I used another oriental ITY jersey knit for this maxi, but this time was much more enjoyable. And I also love how the dress feels despite being polyester. Must be all the ventilation from that slit in the skirt.

I sewed an XS size, even though I should have sewn a Small, according to my measurements. Other people mentioned in their reviews that the sizing runs on the large size. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted this dress to be bigger.

And just to finish, here is a photo of my dog. Other people’s sewing blogs seem to be filled with photos of their cats, but I am definitely a dog person, and here is my beautiful boy, wanting to get in on the photo shoot action.

So, there you have it: McCalls 6744 (on special at the time of writing this!!). Another winner.